Improve your website Bounce Rate

Is your website bounce rate getting high day by day? Have you tried any tactic to fix this? Well, your website’s bounce rate is the metric that indicates the percentage of people who landed on your website and then left without clicking anywhere else. This simply means that either the visitors didn’t find what they were looking for, or the page wasn’t user-friendly. You can see the bounce rate in the Google Search Console and analyze your site performance. A high bounce rate can be bad, but at the same time,too low bounce rates can be a problem too. Thus, striking a balance is essential.

A high bounce rate can end up in a struggle to increase search traffic to the site, improve email signups, and acquire more clients. And when you are working hard to enhance the search performance of your website and not getting the results, then a bounce rate is something that will indicate something is wrong with your strategy. Well, nothing to worry about, as the Best Web Development Company in Ilkley is here with some quick tips to improve your website’s bounce rate.

  • Speeding up the page load time – When it comes to page load time, it is a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. In those couple of seconds, either the site opens, or the user closes the tab and switches to your competitor’s site. Thus, to lower your bounce rate, you would have to work on your site speed and make it swift and smooth.
  • Generating quality content – Content plays an important role in keeping visitors hooked to your website. Updating proper content on a regular basis ensures high rankings and low bounce rates.
  • Avoid Popups – Did you know that majority of users find pop-ups annoying? Popups annoy users and lead to a higher bounce rate. Thus, never use intrusive pop-ups or offensive banners, as it would annoy users and increase the bounce rates
  • Target the right set of customers – When you get the wrong website visitors to your website, it results in a higher bounce rate. Always try to target the right set of customers using the right target keywords.


  • Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly– Mobile responsiveness isn’t something that needs an introduction in the mobile-driven era. Thus, your website should be optimized properly for mobile users, to capture a larger audience base.
  • Set External Links to Open in New Windows – Each time a user clicks a link to an external page, they must click the back button to revisit your site, and if they got distracted by the new site, then you will lose page views. Thus, setting external links to open in new windows is an ideal solution.
  • Work On Your Meta Descriptions –If you are targeting a keyword in your blog, then make sure it is targeted in your meta description as well, but organically. The keyword that a user types when searching usually gets bold and attracts the user’s attention. Thus, it is essential to play wisely around meta descriptions.
  • Keep Your Blog Fresh with The Right Content –Updating the blogs and the content on a regular basis tends to generate more leads, as Search Engines also give preference to sites with updated information.
  • Make Your Call-to-Action Compelling –When the user visits your site hunting for a solution, a call to action is something that can grab his/her attention. A simple, clean, and easy-to-understand call-to-action is what we recommend as a professional.
  • Balance Your Interlinking Structure– When we talk about SEO, interlinking is something that can make or break the bounce rate. If you go overboard with interlinking, then your users can be averted to context having too many links. So, using it wisely can help you grow organically

Use the above checklist as a guide to work on controlling the bounce rate. If your website has a high bounce rate, then it would require constant monitoring and maintenance. Or you can hand over your web worries to the Technical Origami team. The experts at Technical Origami will help you to improve your website’s reach and retention rates. For more details, visit our website i.e.,, or get on a call with the professionals at +442032866742. Our team will help you in making your web presence count.