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Your SEO game can make or break your business’s online presence. As the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and new SEO tactics emerge each day, the process of pleasing the algorithm to boost the brand’s search page rankings is becoming critical each day. Every online business largely focuses on different tactics that can be implemented to increase organic traffic. And to achieve it, ensuring a strong SEO strategy is a must. According to a renowned Digital Marketing Company in UK, search engine optimization is one of the most dynamic areas of marketing. As Google is always updating its ranking algorithm to make search a better experience for users.

Even though the digital marketing landscape has exploded with new platforms growing in popularity. And a high ranking on Google remains one of the best ways to boost traffic to the website. According to the data, the first five organic results on the first page generate more than 67% of all clicks. The more people visit your website, the higher are chances to turn these visitors into new customers. Moreover, it is not simply about getting new customers, but also it is about boosting the credibility of the brand or business. A strong SEO strategy is all you need to be visible to the right set of audience. And to help you refine your SEO strategy in 2023, here are a few quick tips.


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Some Quick Marketing Tips to Refine Your SEO Strategy


  • Right Keywords:

The keywords you choose to target play a crucial role. You need to identify the ones that best represent your niche and then create content around them to fuel your search engine ranking and attract a relevant audience. It is a common mistake to target high-volume keywords and disregard whether or not the targeted queries align with what the business offers. It is essential to be careful when selecting keywords and keep your niche at the center when doing the research.


  • Focus on On-page SEO:

On-page optimization is by far one of the most effective ways to boost site rankings on Google. It basically refers to all the elements that appear on the pages of your website that you can optimize such as headlines, page titles, and images. You can make your on-site SEO stronger by using keywords at the beginning of the title tags. And focusing on creating long-form content, and inserting keywords two to three times per page.


  • Optimizing Images:

Often we neglect the importance of images when creating pages. In case you optimize them well, you can make use of the image search and capture a larger set of audience. There can be a few best practices for optimizing images which include adding suitable titles to the images, using targeted keywords, using alt text to describe images, refraining from using crowded pictures, using high-resolution images, and much more.


  • Internal Linking:

Linking site pages internally contributes to improving the search engine rankings. This makes it easier for search engines to assess the information hierarchy of the site. Internal linking helps in improving search rankings. And It allows businesses to bring traction to the dead pages by leveraging top-performing ones.


  • Quality Backlinks:

When you build quality backlinks, it helps in building authority in the respective niche. And It is helps to improve the search engine rankings on intended keywords. But while building backlinks make sure to discourage links built via spamming, avoid sponsored links. And also ensure that the backlinks aren’t from irrelevant sites, avoid backlinks from non-indexed sites. And ensure backlinks aren’t built using the same anchor that the page targets as the keyword, and a few other things.


  • Technical SEO:

It is crucial to keep a check on technical SEO. If the search engines can’t find, crawl, and index your web pages, then all your SEO efforts will be in vain. Thus, make sure to optimize your website on the following technicalities: security, speed, user experience, mobile responsiveness, broken links, load times, content quality and originality, etc.


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A sound SEO strategy possesses the potential to boost your business’s growth. Most of the SEO efforts are linked to each other. The above list of tactics will help you in coming up with a strong SEO strategy. And the Technical Origami team can be your partner in strengthening your SEO game. We are a digital marketing agency working towards helping businesses build a strong online existence with the finest Digital Marketing Services in UK. Find out how our team can help you with your SEO and marketing strategies by simply visiting our website. Or you can drop your queries at, and our experts will get back to you with effective solutions.