Mobile App Development Technologies in 2023

With an increasing number of mobile users worldwide, the demand for mobile app development has increased throughout the years. And the best mobile app development company understands the importance of using the latest and trending technology in the app development process. As it helps to create a safe, secure, fast and feature-rich mobile application. Let’s explore more about the trending mobile app technologies, and how you can choose better per your project requirements.


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For Android Mobile App Development

With a 3.6 million user base, android holds a 71.63% market share worldwide. Resulting in the most favourite operating system for users. And, as a market leader, Android holds 47.51% of mobile device users. This further results in dominating the overall segment with advanced and efficient operating system updates. With the major mobile application development services, let’s understand the trendiest mobile app development technologies in 2023.


Java for Android App Development | Technical Origami



Java for Android App Development


App Security:

With frequent framework updates, and a large community Java offers a safe and secure app development opportunity. And with the help of the most efficient Mobile App Development Company in UK, you can develop a seamless app with multiple security levels suitable for financial app development.



Being an open-source platform development framework, java offers cost-effective Android app development solutions. As a result, it holds the scope of huge versatility and scalability. And adding numerous new features and functionalities to the application. Also, it supports complex game development and with the help of a UI UX design services company, you can get an efficient GUI for an enhanced user experience.


Platform Independent:

Java is a platform-independent web and mobile app development framework. Hence, the app developed using Java can be run on any of the operating systems. This makes it scalable, profitable and a better choice in the long run for your business.


Object-Oriented Programming:

Being an object-oriented framework, Java offers code reusability and structured code formation for clean and more accurate code lines. Also, its benefits are progressive and easy mobile app development. Using the reusable codes and ease to alter the source code as per changing project requirements.


Easy Code Correction:

With extensive Java files, there comes an opportunity for extended bug and error-finding features. Resulting in a bug-free mobile app that is loved by everyone. And it is comparatively fast and less prone to cyber threats. This makes it one of the trendiest web app development languages.


Kotlin for Android App Development | Technical origami


Kotlin for Android App Development


Structured Concurrency:

The structured concurrency feature of Kotlin allows, restructures and treats the multithread of similar functions running along as one single thread. This step further helps to increase code readability, flexibility, error handling and code fixation. Hence, at Technical Origami we focus on developing more feature-rich and complex Android Mobile Apps using Kotlin.



Kotlin offers 100% compatibility with Java programming languages. Resulting in the best mobile app development company understanding the importance of such inoperability and the utility of such features. For this purpose, you can use Kotlin in your programming language and still work perfectly with Java codes.


Safe Codes:

Kotlin allows nulling pointer exceptions. Resulting in reduced overall code, dysfunctionality and offering more stability to the source code. Working with an efficient Mobile application development services provider, you can achieve functional and clean codes and a seamless working Android Mobile App cost-effectively. Thus, the apps developed using Kotlin have comparatively lesser chances of a crash.


Increased Productivity:

Kotlin developers believe it reduces the workload and increases productivity simultaneously. Also, the Short and effective codes work with less complexity and more clean working structures.


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For iOS Mobile App Development

Even though Android has been a market leader, the market share of iOS users is growing rapidly. Also, there is an increasing shift from Android to ios. Besides the current users of iOS seem loyal, and there is almost no to very less chance of a market shift. In addition, iOS has grown from 23% to 27.03% since 2019. This creates a progressive market demand for iOS mobile app development using the latest technologies. Furthermore, with a progressive approach, the Mobile App Development Company in UK has come up with the trendiest iOS App development technologies. These are more suitable for your project requirements. Let’s learn about a few trendiest tech stacks for iOS App development.


Swift for iOS App Development | Technical Origami


Swift for iOS App Development


Open Source:

Swift is an open-source iOS web and mobile app development framework. And with a large community of developers including Apple and the outside world, it comes up with impactful and cost-effective web solutions.


Easy to use:

Swift is comparatively easy and can be used even by new developers with lesser experience. As it is preferred by the best mobile app development company like Technical Origami for the same purpose. This means it doesn’t require a lot of workforces. And little tech-savvy developers can write the codes quickly and more precisely.



Swift is interoperable and 100% compatible with Object C, objective C ++. Hence,  if you have an existing app written in Object  C or Objective C++, you can still enhance or modify it using Swift.


Fast & Secure:

As Swift is the modern programming framework launched by Apple. Moreover, it helps to develop fast and secure web and mobile apps with better security protocols and layers. Also, implying the resources of a UI UX design services company would help you create a user-friendly iOS app. This will further result in better functionality and enhanced user experience.


Code Reusability:

Swift has the option of code reusability. And, the clean and structured codes can be used in different places for repeated work. While restructuring or modifying the complete mobile app.


Objective C for iOS App Development | Technical Origami


Objective C for iOS App Development


Device Compatability:

Per the Mobile Design & Development​ company Ilkley, Objective C is an optimum solution for basic and feature-rich apps. Furthermore, it is still compatible and supports numerous devices and is supported by older versions of iOS and macOS devices.



The Mobile App Development Company in UK, still prefer Objective C as a supportive or main language for iOS mobile app development. This is more stable and doesn’t require regular updates to work effectively.



Being an open-source platform, Objective C offers a cost-effective development opportunity with a large community. Thus, efficient Mobile application development services like Technical Origami can help you develop an impactful web and mobile app using Objective C.


Dynamic Typing:

Through dynamic typing, the developers get a helping hand by using Objective C. Also, it reads the developer’s mind through commands and generates codes, making the overall development process quick and easy.


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With an increased market share of mobile device users, the requirement and demand for mobile apps have increased eventually. Thus, the best mobile app development company uses the trendiest and most effective website development framework. It helps you to get the optimum web solution for your project, for both Android and iOS operating systems. Also, taking onboard the Mobile application development services may help you reduce your in-house costs and aid you in a better app development process. At Technical Origami we focus on choosing the right tech stack for efficient project development and your optimum business growth.