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Have you ever left a grocery store after being frustrated with huge billing queues and confusing grocery sections? Well, this can be termed as a bad user experience. And the same theory is applicable to the online world. According to a UI UX Design Company, confusing layouts and slow-loading UI/UX designs can turn down a user within a few seconds. Users don’t have enough time to spend a fortune on a website to load. This is why it becomes crucial for a business to come up with a website with a thoughtful UI/UX design.

Without a doubt, UI/UX design is the backbone of any website. A good UX design includes much more than an intuitive user flow and an eye-popping layout. Moreover, a well-designed layout will instantly elevate the browsing experience of the users. This will further lead to more traffic and an increase in conversions. In today’s segment, we are going to share the complete details about how you can improve your website’s UI/UX design and boost your conversion rate. So, let us get started!


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Brief into UI/UX Design

Before we dig in deep and learn the tactics that can be implemented to improve the UI/UX design of the website. It is important to understand a little about the UI/UX design of a website. UX basically involves a person’s experience with a website, product, or service. Whereas UI focuses mainly on how people interact with them.
The UI design mainly focuses on people’s control and touch points to interact with a website. This includes CTA buttons, text links, navigation tabs, etc. The latest technology used for UI is gesture controls. It can recognize and interpret movement so that people can control a system without direct physical contact.
Talking about user experience, it affects how people interact with the site, infusing emotion, and creating a positive experience. It is important for a developer to think from the user’s perspective and create what users want, making them feel welcome and excited.


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Ways to Improve Your UI/UX

UI/UX is a crucial deciding factor when it comes to conversion rate. Though, it might not seem to be a direct influential factor but surely lays a huge impact on the conversion. So, here are some quick tips for improving a website’s UI/UX and boosting the conversion rate.


  • Designing a Clear CTA Button

A CTA button guides users towards conversion and ideally should be present on every page of the website. Websites having clear CTA buttons surely have a high conversion rate. And to make the CTA stand out, using contrasting colors is recommended. One can use action-oriented text with a word count of no more than five words. Note that, keeping the CTA above the fold for easy visibility to users is a must.


  • Keep a Check On 404 Errors

404 errors can often drive users away from the site, so it is essential to detect these errors and try fixing them as soon as possible. You can further personalize the error message to make it more friendly and appealing. Wise use of relevant and entertaining images adds a personal touch to the error text to ensure that the users have a smooth browsing experience.


  • Performing User Testing

Testing lets the user gather feedback from the users and understand how they interact with the website. This further helps in identifying the pain points or areas for improvement in the design from both ux and ui perspectives. Testing lets the user make the necessary changes and improve the overall layout and structure of the website.


  • Using Authentic Images

Images make a webpage visually appealing, but stock images can do more harm than good. Users can easily identify authentic and stock images, and once they find that the images aren’t authentic, they tend to lose interest very easily. Thus, using authentic images to make the website stand out and appear more professional is recommended.


  • Website Speed

This is one of the most obvious yet neglected points. Your potential customers aren’t patient enough to wait for your website to load for more than 3 seconds. Websites that are noticeably slower, suffer from low conversion rates in comparison to websites that are smooth and swift. Three seconds or less is the time that your website’s pages should take to render if you don’t want your leads to thinking that your website has poor UX. You can check the speed of your website’s user experience across all platforms with a variety of online tools. Google’s PageSpeed Insights is one of them.


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It is one of the truest laws in digital marketing that when your website’s UX and UI are impeccable, then your site can experience more conversions. Thus, it is crucial to work on your user experience and user interface to ensure you convert more potential customers into loyal customers.
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