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In this digital era, the number of websites has increased tremendously. With a future expectation for almost 90% of businesses to go online, it will increase. With so many options available online for your potential customers, how can you convince them to visit your web page instead of your competitors? Though the answer is simple, businesses still find it difficult to comply. An easy web platform can convince your customers for you, as it increases their trust factor and ease of using the platform. With easy-to-navigate pages, they will find the platform comfortable and can work to find the products they are looking for. A good display platform and quality products are the real reason behind someone buying from you instead of another. Better UI UX design services will attract them to buy again from you instead of someone else.

UI UX Design

How to Design a Better UI UX Web App

Now we know how good UI & UX encourages customers to stay on your website and pull them to spend their money. If they are on your platform, they are looking for the product, and they will buy it from somewhere. Why not ensure it is you they spend their money on?
Let’s understand how to design a seamless UI & UX for enhanced user experience.


Strategic Icons & Button Placement:

Having strategic icons and custom button placement help you to give the maximum required features on one single page. Also, it keeps the complete web app in sync and doesn’t create a hassle to understand each page individually. Customizing the icons and button placements keeping in mind the user conveniences would be the optimum place for it. For example, keeping the frequently used buttons in the middle or upper part will enhance the user experience. By hiring an efficient UI UX design company, you can ensure impactful and efficient icons and button placement on the web pages.


Don’t Clutter the Screen:

Never try to give all the features and functionality on one single page. It will only clutter your website and will do nothing but confuse the user. Giving minimal but most relevant information on each page will make your page light and easy to use and users can search for their needs.


Choose Display Colors Mindfully:

Designers always try to put all the brand colors in their web page design. But using strategic color placement will not only make the website more attractive but also it will make it easy to use. A lot of colors may confuse the users; try to keep a max of three colors to use in a proportion of 6:3:1. This will help in creating a minimalist UI and make the website impactful and smooth.


Add User-Friendly Features:

While designing the UX, understand the basic pain points of the customers, and why they visit your platform in the first place. Keep the checkout process easy. Keep the required details to be minimal, and make things happen in the least possible steps. Filling up details, again and again, can be tiring for the customers. Try and create options to save those details once filled. It will help you and the customers simultaneously. This fact can be well understood by experienced UI UX design services provider. They can also help you maximize the usefulness of this specific feature.


Keep it Simple:

Design the web pages simply. Add only the required features in one place, make the search option visible and make it easy to go from one category or product to another. In this way, users will stay longer in your web app, and explore more products and pages. It will eventually increase the chance of them buying something and becoming your loyal customers.


Benefits of Smooth UIUX

Benefits of Smooth UI/UX

We have learnt a lot about designing a smooth, seamless and user-friendly UI & UX. Let’s understand how it helps your web app & business –


Increased Customer Interaction:

A better UI design encourages the customer to stay on the website for longer times, and UX increases the conveniences; which leads them to interact more with the system. Increased interaction time increases the chances of conversion and results in increased sales through the web platform.


Increases Returning Customers:

Exceptional UX helps you retain your customers in the long run. The expert UI UX design company understands it well. The exquisite design always suggests keeping the UX simple instead of making it cluttery and delivering everything on a single page.


Decreased Bounce Rate:

If your web app is struggling with an increased bounce rate, try to ease the UX. As per research, an easy UX and fast web pages have helped to reduce the bounce rate effectively. A seamless website tends to keep the users interactive for a long time than a slow, cluttery and buggy website.


Increased Website Traffic:

When the customers are happy they return, and they spread their impactful feedback and suggestions among their peers. This tendency of word-of-mouth marketing helps you gain more new customers. Thus, better UI & UX helps you grow your market share without investing more and more in advertisements and inorganic marketing tactics as well.



UI UX Design Services in UK


An attractive UI & seamless UX help your website to grow its market reach. By hiring efficient UI UX design services, you can increase your market scope and revenue generation effectively. Technical Origami is one of the most efficient UI & UX designing service-providing companies in UK. It works to provide the required features in a complex web app without overwhelming the users. A good UI UX design company understands how to use brand colors and custom buttons. It increases organic reach, customer retention rate and business revenue with increased market share.