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UI & UX are important to your web design similar to your website speed. This could be understood as, if your web app doesn’t open in a few seconds, the visitors are going to switch. In the same way, if your UI is distorted or your web app has complex functions the users are going to switch to another page. Probably with more convenient working functionalities almost similar products, services, and app features.

Now do you really want to divert traffic to your competitor’s website just because of the app display and how your button and pages work? Sure in this way it doesn’t sound like much, but from the users’ perspective, their experience is everything. And, it doesn’t end here only, your app UI & UX design impacts your search engine ranking. It is purely based on how users behave and interact with your web app.


How UI & UX affects your Search Engine Performance | Technical Origami


How UI & UX affects your Search Engine Performance


We know quite a bit that how important your web app UI & UX is. Though you can always improve it through third-party professional UI UX design services. Now let’s explore a bit more how exactly it impacts your search engine ranking and website performance, in a way that matters.



Attractive images, icons, buttons, and illustrations are important to make any web app attractive. They keep users engaged for a longer time. Even if you are not in the similar products they are looking for, this is a proven fact. If they like your web page, they will scroll through pages, search more, and stay in your web app for a longer period, giving your SERPs a boost. They may not buy something from you instantly but will remember you and visit you again. Also, will clearly give a positive response to the search engine.


User Experience & Bounce Rate:

The user experience of a web app mainly depends on how easy it is to use the application. How easily the app navigates, how clear the functions are, and whether the app is spacious and cluttery. Apart from an attractive UI, an engaging UX is important. If it is not worth their time, they are going to abandon it in the first minute. This will increase your bounce rate and give a clear message to the search engine bot that your website is not worth visiting. To improve your visitor’s stay time, you can find an efficient UI UX design company. They will help you make your web page easy and light with reduced and clear work and feature functionalities.


Text Content Percentage & Search Engine:

In marketing, we say content is king. This can be related to the search engine as search engine loves, fresh, unique, and long-form content formats. All that enriched with keywords, LSI (latent semantic indexing), and queries matching with user question intent is nothing but beneficial. When you add sufficient text content, in the form of meta tags, meta titles, body content, page content along with relevant graphics and images, your web app will flourish. It may also reach the first few links of the search page supported by high DA and DR.


Easy UX & Visitor Time Spent:

When you have a seamless UX, where visitors can navigate from one page to the other easily. They will invest their time to find the things they are looking for. As it is said, cluttering your website is never a good idea. The person may land on pages that don’t have the exact products or services they are looking for. But you are catering to it, which can be judged by your web app appearance. Hence an easy UX will encourage the user, to explore through pages. They may use their search keywords, scroll, and spend more time than usual on your web page.

On the other hand, if it is not so easy, they will abandon your web page even if the product is right there, sitting on the top. They will either not add it to their cart, not generate any query or abandon the cart at the last moment. This could be due to complex functionalities and checkout procedures.


Link Sharing & Search Engine Ranking:

The Web Design Company Ilkley works with custom SEO strategies to grow your digital presence enormously. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of them to boost your overall web presence. When a user like something on your website, either they buy it, share it with someone, or bookmark the web page links. In any of the above conditions, UI & UX both play an important role. Also, they are the deciding factors in whether they want to visit the page again or not. If they are sharing it with the peer group or saving it for themselves that surely means they liked the way the website works. This gives a clear message to the search engine bot that people like your page, and it contains valuable information. Hence, it starts boosting your search engine ranking and starts making more references for your website.


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Now we understand the concept of UI & UX and its dependency on search engine ranking results. To make your users stay on your web app, you need to make your web app easy and attractive to use. This can be done through experienced UI UX design services providers. Also, you can hire a professional UI UX design company in Ilkley to get assured results and improved search engine ranking.

We know staying on search engines is not that easy. When the chances of a user clicking only the first three links are more than 90% with so many competitors out there; you can’t afford to keep it for the chance. To improve your search engine rankings UI & UX plays an important role. It also impacts conversion and revenue generation rates on your web pages. With the help of Technical Origami one of the best Web Design Company Ilkley, you can improve your search engine ranking.