How Metaverse Will Change Digital Marketing?

As the competition gets fierce, the right marketing tactics become a key to success. With the evolution of technology, the marketing space has experienced rapid innovation. And this makes it necessary for a business to adopt the latest versions of marketing. One such technology that can transform the digital marketing space completely can be Metaverse. This virtual world is touted as the next evolution in the digital marketing industry.

Metaverse has become an increasingly common term over the past few months, with some tech giants investing millions of dollars into the production and development of this new technology. While some got excited with the introduction of this virtual world, others are still confused about what the metaverse is all about. Metaverse is basically a network of virtual worlds where people can interact with each other in a more real, intuitive way than they do currently. But how does marketing connect with the metaverse? Let us find it out!

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Metaverse Digital Marketing Methods

When we combine metaverse and digital marketing, here is what it results in:

•Event Marketing:

Metaverse will allow more realistic virtual events anywhere and everywhere.

•Social Marketing:

Different social media platforms are offering various AR experiences.

• Content marketing of the Future:

The virtual world will be driven by content. And it would be interesting to see how businesses try to stand out in the virtual world with unique content marketing strategies.

• Customer Loyalty Programs:

A premium membership program can help in making the member feel special in an emotional way, permitting businesses to stand out among their competitors.

• SEO and Search Metaverse:

The best Digital marketing consultancy adapts to new SEO strategies as soon as they see any scope for it to grow. And they are expected to soon adapt the Metaverse’s ways too by optimizing their search in the metaverse.

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Challenges of Marketing within the Metaverse

Marketing in the metaverse might sound easy, but it would definitely be rolling in with some challenges. According to a renowned Digital marketing company, accessibility is going to be a huge challenge for brands looking to market within the metaverse. To access the metaverse, a high-spec computer with fast internet speed is needed, along with a VR headset for a lot of the virtual aspects. Not everybody would have the pricy pieces of tech.
Moreover, despite countless tech professionals explaining why the concept of the metaverse a video game is so much more. Many people might find it difficult to understand and accept.

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Both marketers and brands have anticipated a bright future that would leverage the power of technology, especially metaverse to come up with unique digital marketing campaigns that would lay a positive impact and increase conversions. The future of digital marketing is expected to change by metaverse. What do you think? Are you ready for this change? Is your digital marketing game set right?
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How Does a Website Accelerate Overall Business Growth?

As we step into an era dominated by technology, it becomes essential for every business to come up with tactics to leverage the power of technology and keep pace with the online world. A lot of people spend most of their time on the internet. From buying a product to using a service, everything is now possible online, while sitting in the comfort of your home or anywhere you wish to. And considering this, having a website or being present on social media becomes inevitable to capture a major chunk of the audience present online. Almost every business today is trying to crack the Best corporate web design UK to showcase its product and services online. But there are still many, who aren’t aware of the importance of having a website. If you are one of them, then scrolling through this segment might answer all your queries.

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What Can a Website Do for Your Business?

When it comes to what a website can do for a business, the list is huge. From creating an online presence to generating revenue, a website can be quite rewarding for every business. Here are some of the most common perks that a website brings in for a business regardless of the industry.

• Creating a Presence

When we talk about the online presence of a business, a website is one of the major sources for it. Simply having social media accounts isn’t enough to generate a good online presence. Your website can be a major traffic source for your business.

• Building Trust

Building a loyal customer base is difficult in this saturated internet era. However, your website might work as a proof of authentication making it a little easy for your potential customers to trust your business.

• Getting Listed on Search Engines

Ranking on google or any other search engine is possible only when you have a reliable, well-designed, and properly optimized website.

• Building Social Networks

If you think that simply having social media accounts can build a good social network, and then you are wrong. Your website plays a huge role in connecting you with your potential customers socially.

Other Roles That a Website Play in a Business:

A website is something that a person would initially come across while searching for your business. Other than building trust and creating networks, it can be of great assistance in other ways as well.

• Selling Products
• Sharing The Latest News and Updates
• Gathering Customer Information
• Generating Revenue
• Increasing Visibility
• Increases Organic Traffic
• Enhances Customer Experience
• Generates More Leads

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Key Components for a Successful Website

Now that you know why you should reach out to a Web Development Company in UK and get a website designed for your business, it is equally important to understand the key components that you should include in your website to make it a successful venture. Let us find it out:

• A Good CMS
• Reliable Web Hosting Service
• User Experience
• SEO Basics
• Analytics Tool
• Testimonial Page
• Social Media Integration

A website is the face of your business in the digital era, and in most cases, it is the first thing that a potential customer interacts with. Simply having a website isn’t enough. It is important to have an interactive and engaging website to make the most of it. So, if you aren’t having a website already, then it is high time you get it developed and designed with the help of professionals. And the Technical Origami team can help you with all your website design and development worries.

If you are interested in getting a Web Design & Development Company UK, Then visit our website, or you can also drop us a mail at and share your requirements and queries with a team of experts.

User Journey Map: How UX Pros Do It?

Being in the web development and design industry, you might have at least once heard of user journey maps. As user preferences are evolving over time, it becomes essential to map the user journey. This is a great way to visually structure the knowledge of potential users and how they experience a service. Understanding every customer’s mind can be challenging. Whenever we think that we have accounted for their needs and wants, new technology, buying trends, and preferences emerge. However, by simply visualizing each step your customer takes from the moment they encounter your brand to when they make a purchase or even how they react post-purchase, it becomes possible to deliver a memorable customer experience, generate higher sales, and elevate the business processes.

Still confused about what a user journey map is, why you need it, and how to create it? Well, don’t worry! Being the Best Web Development & Design Services In UK, we have come up with this piece of writing, where we are going to share the complete details about the User Journey map. Let us together unleash everything about User journey maps.

User Journey Mapping Process

The entire process of user journey mapping complies with a customer’s experience as he/she interacts with a business and combines the information into a visual map. This process visualizes the current process customers take, from the first to the final touchpoint, to see if he/she is currently reaching their goals and if not, what would work for them.

What Is Included in A Customer Journey Map?

When we talk about a customer journey or user journey map, it involves a couple of aspects. These aspects include the following:

  • The Buying Process – The journey map includes the milestones in the customer journey. Initially one must draft the path that the business intends for a customer to take and reach the goal. Using the typical buying process stages, the user will have to list each stage horizontally.
  • User Actions – This particular step involves what a customer does in each stage of the buying process. This can include taking a demo, or visiting different web pages, using cards to make purchases, etc.
  • Pain Points – Pain points are the elements or sections where the customers encountered any difficulty or had negative emotions. Mapping pain points help in identifying which stage a customer experiences negative emotions and what is the reason behind the difficulty.
  • Solutions – Here come the potential ways to improve the buying process so that the customers encounter fewer pain points.

How To Create a Customer Journey Map?

Now that you are all set to create a map, here are the steps that you need to perform to successfully create a user journey map.

  • You need to set a clear objective for the map
  • Furthermore, it is time to profile your personas and define their goals
  • Highlight the target customer personas to get a clear perspective
  • List out all the touchpoints
  • And spot the elements you wish to show on your map
  • You now must determine the resources you have and the ones you might require
  • And perform the necessary changes

Customer journey maps or user journey maps can help a lot in elevating the business to another level and offering a better customer experience. If you are a newbie and want some more information about UX/UI, digital marketing, web development & design, or related to

IT, then feel free to visit our website i.e., We are a renowned IT company offering a wide array of services. You can also connect with our team professionals via mail i.e.,, for any further information and our team will answer all your queries.

Top 6 CMS for Healthy Core Web Vitals Score – Technical Origami

Every single day, Google receives and processes over 63,000 user searches per second. In the early years, Google made a handful of updates to its search algorithm, but with the increasing internet use and evolving technology, Google makes thousands of updates every year. Some of these are minor optimizations, whereas some are termed broad core updates. One such significant change was to combine Core Web Vitals and previous UX-related signals.

Well, Core Web Vitals include three different indicators that together try to display how convenient it is for a user to interact with a web page on the internet. This demonstrates how long it takes for a site to be ready for visitor interaction. The Core Web Vitals are essential to enhance the search results. It further lets Google understand how well a website is performing and spot the areas where it can do better. In simple words, they are speed metrics that are a part of Google’s page experience signals that are used to measure user experience.

The three Core Web Vitals metrics:

  • Largest Contentful Pain (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Moreover, the Core Web Vitals CMS rankings are determined based on two datasets which include:

  • CRuXDataset–This dataset is generated from the actual website visits by people who have opted for the option to anonymously allow Core Web Vitals data to be collected from the websites they visit.
  • Lab Dataset – The Lab Dataset is an outcome of a crawler that collects the data from millions of websites.

Now that you know about the datasets used, it is time to check out the results and find out the top 6 CMS that have managed to be on the list. Let us have a look:

  1. Duda

This professional website builder platform made it to the first position. Duda allows businesses to get online quickly without worrying much about the underlying technology. According to the stats we examined previously, 77.3% of websites built with Duda had a good Core Web Vitals performance.

  1. Drupal

The second place is booked by Drupal, which is an open-sourceheadless CMS platform for creating straightforward websites or intricate web apps that scored a 58.2%. This means that 58.2% of the websites built with Drupal had a good core web vitals score.

  1. Wix

Comparing the results of two consecutive years, Wix has slipped down the list into third place in context to the number of websites receiving a good Core Web Vitals Score. According to the recent stats, 54% of the websites built with Wix have a good Core Web Vitals score.

  1. Squarespace

The Squarespace sites have a passing CWV score of 42.84%, which is better than the previous score.

  1. WordPress

WordPress continues to work on its performance and improves with a score of 37.4%, which is far better than earlier. And the coming versions of WordPress are expected to bring further improvements in its performance.

  1. Joomla
    Earlier Joomla couldn’t make it to the list of top 6 CMS, but this time it has managed to rank with a score of 35%.

Since Google has turned Core Web Vitals into ranking criteria, it becomes essential to keep an eye on it. However, an important point to remember is that the Core Web Vitals should not be adjusted by the site owners, rather they should be managed by the developers, to avoid any further nuisance.

Have you checked your site’s score? Well, Technical Origami can help you with your page ranking, user experience, and performance. For more details, you can visit our website i.e., or you can give us a call at +442032866742 and let our tech geeks help you in making the most of your web presence.

10 Web Design Principles For Better Conversion Rate In 2022

When we invest our time and efforts into organically generating leads, building brand awareness, and driving in traffic, we expect it to convert into qualifying leads and ultimately bring revenue for the business. But all the efforts go in vain if the conversion rate is low. As a marketer, you won’t feel like going that extra mile, knowing that it won’t be fruitful. And while hunting for ways to boost your conversion rate, you miss out on the basic tactic, which is working on the web design.

The impact that a web design has on the sales funnel and the traffic of the website is often overlooked. For visitors and potential customers, it doesn’t take a lot of time to develop a perception about your business just by browsing your website. Thus, your website design is much more important for conversions than you think. Web design is not merely about building a beautiful site, it also includes the functionality aspect of the site. Considering certain design principles might help you to fix your low conversion rates. Here is a list of the top 10 web design principles for better conversion rate in 2022:

Keep Your Website Simple

Keep It Simple

You might often get carried away with hefty web designs with too many animations and effects. But you need to think like a visitor. As a visitor would you like a cluttered website or one with an elegant look and feel? Well, you know the answer. Thus, a simple, clean, and intuitive web design is something that would help you boost your conversion rate.

Apply Hick's Law On the Website

Apply Hick’s Law

This theory states that the time it takes for an individual to decide is directly proportionate to the possible choices available. If you increase the number of choices, the decision time would automatically increase and leave the visitor confused. Thus, limit the choices to make it easy for the visitors to choose and take decisions quickly.
Website 8 Seconds Rule

Don’t Miss The 8 Seconds Rule

Generally, people lose their concentration power just after 8 seconds. Thus, the first 8 seconds are all that matters to grab the visitors’ attention.  There are multiple ways in which one can make the most of these 8 seconds, either by using a hero image or by making the sign-up tabs large to seek the user’s attention.

Optimizing The Speed and Making It Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that a one-second delay in mobile page load time reduces the conversion rates by up to 20%? Well, that’s something huge. As more and more people today use mobile for accessing a website, it is essential to optimize the website accordingly.
Use White Space Properly

Using The White Space

Blank space or white space often leaves a negative impact on the customer. Thus, as a design company, we recommend you make the most of that white space and this would increase the chance of a conversion.
Choose Right Website Color Schemes

Be Particular About the Color Schemes

Often you make a mistake while playing around with colors. It is very much essential to choose the right color scheme for the site, in order to achieve the best aesthetics and attract visitors. Be wise while choosing the colors for the CTA’s, headings, etc. to make them more noticeable.
Choose Fonts Proper Font For The Website


Using complicated fonts can confuse your readers. Thus, we suggest streamlining your design to professional fonts, as it gives a sophisticated look to the website and makes it readable.

Quality Images

Unless your website is visually appealing, no matter how much effort you put into your content and design it won’t work. Using high-quality optimized images and placing them in the right place, adds to the effectiveness of the website.

Focus On F Pattern

According to the experts, people usually scan a website in F pattern. Many of the people see the navigation bar or the logo at first. Thus, it is recommended to keep the reader’s natural behavior in mind, while displaying the information.
Use Clean Navigation Bar

Clean Up Your Navigation and Menu

The navigation bar or the menu is something that gets the major attention. And so, it is essential to place products, contact info, about page, etc. However, if you have cluttered the navigation bar, then it might create confusion for the user. Thus, be thoughtful about your navigation bar.


Implementing the right design principles is essential for achieving a good conversion rate. However, if you need professional assistance to do so, then Technical Origami can surely help you. From web development to digital marketing, we have the skills to handle it all. For more details, you can visit our website i.e., or can also speak to our experts at +442032866742 and get all your queries answered.

Which Platform Is Better Shopify or WordPress or Magento?

Whenever one considers launching an online business or starting an eCommerce store online, the first thought that bothers is the platform one should choose to launch under budget, without hampering the user experience. Making a choice between Shopify, WordPress, or Magento has always been difficult. Without a doubt, these three are the most prominent names. Before picking an ideal platform, you need to examine each of them on criteria including cost, ease of use, extensions, integrations, flexibility, customization, scalability, and much more. Keep scrolling to ease your decision-making process and find out which platform is the most suitable for your eCommerce business.

  • Shopify– It is an all-in-one eCommerce website builder that will give you an excellent website in a couple of minutes. Moreover, it is the most streamlined approach to setting up an online store. It has a quality-laden hosting service and includes unlimited bandwidth, along with a built-in CDN, and automatic site backups. Another plus point about Shopify is that it handles updating and maintaining the underlying software of the user. A simple sign-up for an account is needed to start and its shopping cart solution can be used to sell, ship, and manage products with the subscription-based model but if you still find it difficult so you can hire us for yourShopify store development.
  • WordPress–It is a free, open-source software system that includes end-to-end encryption which can be used on the web server or through a hosting firm. It is a highly versatile and easy-to-use CMS and has attracted a vast community of users and developers. You can easily turn a basic site into exactly what you need using different themes, plugins, and integrations.
  •  Magento–Talking about Magento, it is a powerful, open-source CMS designed for building e-commerce websites and known for its flexibility scalability, and a wide array of features and extensions. It is a one-stop eCommerce platform for all sorts of online stores and has some advanced features for complex businesses.

The key differences between Magento, WordPress, and Shopify:

  • Themes and Templates – WordPress has more themes in comparison to Magento, but Magento has better options for enterprises. On the other hand, there is a limited option of free themes on Shopify, but if the user is willing to pay for a premium theme, then he/she will get extraordinary designs on Shopify as well.
  • Plugins and Extensions– There are tons of Magento extensions that one can choose from for simple to more advanced functionalities. It is a good fit for eCommerce companies, as it is quite flexible. Whereas WordPress is a more generalized platform offering a large library of plugins for all sorts of websites. Magento offers both a free and paid range of extensions depending upon the requirements of the users.
  • Marketing and SEO–Magento offers built-in marketing tools permitting the users to create and manage coupon codes, up-sell, and cross-sell products, and set up email campaigns. Whereas WordPress supports SEO features like sitemaps, metadata, and SEO-friendly permalink structures. Also, you can access plugins like Yoast that ease the process. Shopify also has a built-in blogging platform that lets the user create posts that are automatically shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Magento Vs Shopify Vs WordPress – The verdict

All three platforms have their own advantages and can be optedfor accordingly. One gets access to plenty of extensions, add-ons, and plug-ins. You can choose any of the platforms that suit your needs and requirements.

If you are still having any queries, or if you are seeking professional assistance, then feel free to speak to the Technical Origami team at +442032866742. Or for more details, visit our website i.e., and we will help you to start your eCommerce journey successfully.

15 Essential Skills Every Web Developer Should Have

As the online era continues to evolve and dominate, the hunt for an ideal and skilled web developer becomes a little tricky. Moreover, as technology evolves, development trends change, making it essential for web developers to brush up on their skills and keep pace with the evolving surroundings. However, often people find it difficult to identify the basic skills that define an ideal web developer, so here we have put together a list of essential skills that every web developer should have. Let’s dig in!

1. Technical Skills – Web development is all about technicalities and so a web developer is expected to have strong technical skills. The hard skills including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Content management systems, other design applications, web server management, online marketing, responsive design, user experience, user interface, graphic design, and color theory are a must-have for a web developer.

2. Understand Mobile Design – As mobile is one of the most preferred devices, it is essential that the developer should be well-versed with mobile design and development nitty-gritty.

3. Testing and Debugging Skills – Testing the webpage is often needed to ensure that it is free from errors. And when any error is spotted, a web developer should be capable to debug them.

4. Write Clean and Readable Code – Too-much cluttered code is not the current trend. So, a developer should be able to write clean and readable code.

5. Analytical Skills – Examining errors in codes is a key skill that every developer should have. Having analytical skills is essential to note that the code is correct and the website functions properly.

6. Search Engine Optimization Skills – Developers who know the fundamentals of SEO ensure to implement the right SEO tactics when developing the site, which ensures better rankings in the future.

7. Communication Skills – A good command of communication is a must for developers. to be able to convey the right message and update the clients with the progress.

8. Problem-Solving – A problem-solving person can easily tackle the roadblocks that might come while coding.

9. Attention to Detail – Every tiny detail matters and so an ideal web developer should be able to give proper attention to details.

10. Teamwork – Coding isn’t done single-handedly. It might involve instances where other team members would be required for a certain task. Thus, a web developer should be able to work well with other web developers.

11. Time Management – Developing involves a lot of tasks, from developing to testing to post-launch maintenance. Thus, to manage all these tasks without hampering the outcome, it is essential to be able to manage time and prioritize things.

12. Creative Mind – Creativity is definitely a key skill to be considered for a flawless and impressive web development.

13. Urge to Learn – Regularly brushing up on the skills is essential for a web developer and this can only when he/she is having the urge to learn and explore.

14. Social Interaction – Interacting with people helps in learning and dealing with different things and so social interaction is essential.

15. Be Updated with the Industry – As the industry trends keep on changing, it is essential for a web developer to be updated with the new trends and technologies.

Now that you have a picture in your mind of the skills you should look in a developer, it would be easy for you to find one. However, the skills are polished over time and with experience. At the end of the day, the success of your software, website, or app depends upon whom you hand over the responsibility. You can eliminate the hassle by simply partnering with the web developers and the professionals at Technical Origami.

We at Technical Origami are a team of certified professionals having years of experience and knowledge. Our creative minds design out-of-the-box web and mobile solutions offering an unmatched web experience to your users. For more details, feel free to visit our website i.e.,, or you can also speak to our professionals at +442032866742, and they will help you with all your queries.

What to do to Improve your Website’s Bounce Rate?

Is your website bounce rate getting high day by day? Have you tried any tactic to fix this? Well, your website’s bounce rate is the metric that indicates the percentage of people who landed on your website and then left without clicking anywhere else. This simply means that either the visitors didn’t find what they were looking for, or the page wasn’t user-friendly. You can see the bounce rate in the Google Search Console and analyze your site performance. A high bounce rate can be bad, but at the same time,too low bounce rates can be a problem too. Thus, striking a balance is essential.

A high bounce rate can end up in a struggle to increase search traffic to the site, improve email signups, and acquire more clients. And when you are working hard to enhance the search performance of your website and not getting the results, then a bounce rate is something that will indicate something is wrong with your strategy. Well, nothing to worry about, as the Best Web Development Company in Ilkley is here with some quick tips to improve your website’s bounce rate.

  • Speeding up the page load time – When it comes to page load time, it is a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. In those couple of seconds, either the site opens, or the user closes the tab and switches to your competitor’s site. Thus, to lower your bounce rate, you would have to work on your site speed and make it swift and smooth.
  • Generating quality content – Content plays an important role in keeping visitors hooked to your website. Updating proper content on a regular basis ensures high rankings and low bounce rates.
  • Avoid Popups – Did you know that majority of users find pop-ups annoying? Popups annoy users and lead to a higher bounce rate. Thus, never use intrusive pop-ups or offensive banners, as it would annoy users and increase the bounce rates
  • Target the right set of customers – When you get the wrong website visitors to your website, it results in a higher bounce rate. Always try to target the right set of customers using the right target keywords.


  • Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly– Mobile responsiveness isn’t something that needs an introduction in the mobile-driven era. Thus, your website should be optimized properly for mobile users, to capture a larger audience base.
  • Set External Links to Open in New Windows – Each time a user clicks a link to an external page, they must click the back button to revisit your site, and if they got distracted by the new site, then you will lose page views. Thus, setting external links to open in new windows is an ideal solution.
  • Work On Your Meta Descriptions –If you are targeting a keyword in your blog, then make sure it is targeted in your meta description as well, but organically. The keyword that a user types when searching usually gets bold and attracts the user’s attention. Thus, it is essential to play wisely around meta descriptions.
  • Keep Your Blog Fresh with The Right Content –Updating the blogs and the content on a regular basis tends to generate more leads, as Search Engines also give preference to sites with updated information.
  • Make Your Call-to-Action Compelling –When the user visits your site hunting for a solution, a call to action is something that can grab his/her attention. A simple, clean, and easy-to-understand call-to-action is what we recommend as a professional.
  • Balance Your Interlinking Structure– When we talk about SEO, interlinking is something that can make or break the bounce rate. If you go overboard with interlinking, then your users can be averted to context having too many links. So, using it wisely can help you grow organically

Use the above checklist as a guide to work on controlling the bounce rate. If your website has a high bounce rate, then it would require constant monitoring and maintenance. Or you can hand over your web worries to the Technical Origami team. The experts at Technical Origami will help you to improve your website’s reach and retention rates. For more details, visit our website i.e.,, or get on a call with the professionals at +442032866742. Our team will help you in making your web presence count.

Social media strategies

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Ecommerce design strategy

Our goal has always been to motivate, encourage and release our fellow creatives to do their thing, so we’ve lovingly crafted a theme that is both super easy to use and packed full of endless possibilities.
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