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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world rapidly. With so many AI-based, digital solutions developed to ease out the monotonous and complex work, it is spreading like wildfire. On the one hand, with its benefits, it can help you in numerous ways in cutting down your cost. On the other, it will increase ROI and improve your business customer relation. All of that is just by supporting your digital marketing strategies, paving the way for your success.


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Fields to Employ AI in Digital Marketing

When we talk about digital marketing there are N number of strategies, tactics, and fields to work on. It has a huge impact on your business revenue, and it may be the one part generating a major chunk of your revenue inflow. Let’s understand how you can use AI in your digital marketing strategies. Not only to support your team but also to enhance the impact of your strategies.


Content Creation:

With increased attention to videos, AI-generated content can work wonders for your social media profiles. As it could be long-form articles, trending topics, content as per user search intent, text-to-video creation, and much more. With a creative content creation team, they sometimes have writer’s block or issues in generating content every day. AI-generated content can reduce your graphic designing cost while improving the content. Also, it could give you an unrealistic and fast content creation way out simultaneously by using the right command.


Ad Personalization:

Social media ads have always been the backbone of digital marketing strategies for every business. Also, ad placements have been a greater concern for the platform users with a concern for privacy and for business due to ad blockers. But with AI personalization, the ads get placed in front of the individuals only interacting and engaging with the ads. It updates the ad placement as per the user’s response to the video, carousel, or text ad Also, how the user is responding to a specific product or service category and brand.



A/B testing is one of the tactics to maximize user engagement rate, minimize ad expense, reduce bounce rate, and understand consumer preference better. Therefore, with AI target A/B testing, the analysis time gets cut-short and has more detailed reports of consumer preferences. This way the process is cut down into a small time interval to maximize the output. Instead of collecting large amounts of data and then going through the analysis process to come out with results. You can target the pages that have better results, and divert more traffic to the pages with better revenue generation opportunities.


AI – Chatbot:

As every B2C business is majorly dealing through online channels. And with so many products and varieties, users want to try everything but only stick with the products they relate with the most. Here come the personalized messages and responses in the picture. As with AI chatbots, you can communicate with your users in their language. Try to understand their pain points and the service delivery gaps including their remedies. It will help the customers to understand your product or service better and have the option of informed decision-making in the process.


Analytics & Transformation:

AI implementation is changing every aspect of the business. For data-driven businesses which use previous databases for forecasting, budget analysis, or marketing strategies, AI can do wonders for your team. It is further used for impactful data analysis in less time, including calculation and drawing results. Also to implement the solution for increased productivity and revenue generation through digital marketing channels.


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Benefits of AI Implementation in Digital Marketing Tactics

1. AI is transforming the way businesses work. But custom responses to the users and interacting with them 24*7 as per their convenience has taken it to a whole new level. It has increased consumer satisfaction and retention rate. Also, it has established a sense of trust between the brands and the potential customers.

2. Data analysis is a tiring process, it uses lots of human hours with repetitive tasks, and still holds scope for error. With AI, the data analysis process can be cut short. Also, it uses more scenarios to analyze better and still can come up with 100% accuracy with calculations. This helps in reducing human error, enabling data-driven and informed decision-making strategies, and improving your performance throughout the digital platform.

3. Creative content creation is still on the back foot for various organizations. By implementing AI in your content creation strategies, you can easily have trendy and fresh content created for your social media pages. You can also add videos using just text scripts, giving commands to the tools. This helps you in boosting organic reach as per social media algorithms.


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Digital marketing is an integral part of any business. With a robust digital presence, businesses can have a long-lasting impact on their potential consumers. Also, the digital marketing services in UK, have shown tremendous growth through AI implementation in their existing digital marketing strategies and tools. As per the efficient digital marketing company in the UK, AI is transforming the way people are involved in digital marketing work. It has increased human productivity by eliminating repeated processes and complex calculations. The digital marketing company, Technical Origami has shown positive results with AI as a supporting tech in their digital marketing strategies. They have implemented AI in their campaigns, daily tasks reducing laborious human hours giving them the flexibility to use it for creative output.