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When it comes to selecting the best app and web development company for your business, Technical Origami is an agency you can trust. Not all web development companies are the same. Established since 2021, we are a UK-based website development company with clients who come to us for highly skilled and future-proof coding and web design, at a fair price and stay with us for our commitment to supporting their digital businesses for the long term.

eCommerce Development

A highly functioning eCommerce solution is essential for your business. Trust us to design and build your websites and web apps. We are certified developers of world-renowned platforms with experience since 2021.

Mobile App Development

Your customer is on the move and needs access to your brand anytime, anywhere. Our team is ready to engineer (not just code) your app in whatever form you need. Our award-winning apps make businesses more productive and cost efficient.

Monthly Support Packages

While you are focussed on your business, you can rely on us to keep your website or app up to date, continually optimised and safe from hackers. Choose from a range of support packages to suit your budget and business.

Full Stack Development

Frontend and backend need to work seamlessly together to maximise your digital performance. Our Full Stack developers can handle everything to do with web development and can satisfy the needs of both your customers and your business.

Hire Our Developers

When you need extra web and app developers for at least a month and prefer to hire on a loan basis rather than as permanent employees, our dedicated team model is the perfect solution. Our Web developers are only available through technical origami .


We are highly skilled in a range of technologies and platforms to suit all business needs. We continuously invest in our people to ensure they are ready for the next upgrade, trend and innovation. We are masters of our craft.

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Our Services

Your online presence is our responsibility

The Technical Origami team understands how important it is to build a strong web presence in the digital era. So, we have come up with services that would help your business to grow.

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Digital Marketing

Your digital marketing strategies can make or break your web presence. In order to capture a major chunk of the potential audience, being present online and being visible to a larger set of people globally is important and that is only possible when you work on your digital marketing strategies and come up with campaigns that convert.

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UI & UX Design

Your website UI & UX design has the potential to speak a lot about you and your business. Work on your UI/ UX design in a way that reflects your business’s main goal and connects your potential customers on a deeper level. Enhancing this aspect of your website ensures more prospects, increases conversions, improves customer retention, and boosts overall profitability.

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Web Development

Good web development simply means a fully optimized website that plays an important role in attracting valuable search engine traffic. Get a website developed that is sustainable, creative, interactive, and built using advanced technologies. Your website will help you generate long-term customer relationships, and this requires great work in the development phase.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are no longer associated with only large corporations. Apps can help SMBs build brand loyalty and monitor business relationships, especially when they maintain close contact with customers. A well-designed and developed application can boost promotional efforts, improve customer analytics, and facilitate online shopping. So, get your mobile app developed today!

Let us partner to help your business become a brand!

Here is how our services can contribute to your success!

Unless your site ranks higher in SERPs, it makes no sense. Taking your website to the first page of Google can help you in boosting your overall sales and increase conversions, and this is possible when you partner with the right team of professionals like the Technical Origami team. Our experts know the drill to optimize websites to rank well in search engine results.

Enjoy better rankings with well-optimized campaigns and interactive web design, strengthen your online presence, and appear in search results more often.

From optimizing your content with keywords to creating targeted landing pages and improving public relations, the technical origami team can do it all for you. Strategically driven digital marketing efforts can help a business to generate better traffic. Our services can help you drive more traffic to your website and reach out to a larger user base that you might be missing out on otherwise.

In order to prevent your revenue to become stagnant, it becomes essential to implement the right digital marketing strategies and optimize your web presence the right way. The right efforts in the right direction can boost revenue by 300% or more, depending upon the industry you serve and other factors.

Letting people know about your business is something that our services can help you with. Using eye-catchy visuals, advertising in the right places, and leaving a distinct impression on prospective customers with a visually appealing and interactive website can help a business to generate brand awareness and reach out to a larger set of customers

Every business owner wants to explore more opportunities and scale up the business, and our services can help you in doing so. With the right strategies and efforts, let us together help your business to scale up and elevate to another level.

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Get on a call with experts right away! Let us work on your business growth and make it a successful brand.

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Need To Know MORE About Tech-Origami
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Know More about Technical Origami
3-Step Customer Success Model?

You are important to us, and your business’s success is even more important. We work keeping you and your business in mind.
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Understand your needs!
Getting into the details, understanding the business requirements, and analyzing the industry are the initial steps of the journey to success. Click To Learn More
Web Design Company Ilkley | Technical Origami
Devise and implement strategies
We do not believe in one size fits in for all theory. We come up with strategies according to the business requirements and implement them. Click To Learn More
Web Design Company Ilkley | Technical Origami
Results and Further Support
Our work doesn’t end with achieving desired results, we continue with our support to excel the client’s expectations. Click To Learn More

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